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perfection takes time.


George Russell Home Inspections


This site was done for a client of mine who needed a site and was clean and modern. He already owned several other sites from several other designers but they were just not doing the trick. He came to me stating that he needed to be have to show his info cleanly, show his ratings, push clients to a point were they can contact him, and have it all done with a clean professional look.


For this site I did the layout, placement of stock art, sliding image gallery, and custom logo.

Both of these fliers were made for the same client who owned the dojo above. As you can see I have removed characters from classic Japanese woodblock prints and used them in the design. You can also see the custom logo being used on both.

This shirt was my first step into making graphic t-shirts. All graphics on the shirt were made and laid out by me. It can be purchased at this location.


What have I done before?

Web Design

Graphic Design

Temple Bujinkan


This site was done for a client of mine who owns a martial arts dojo. This site was a ton of fun to design. It was the first time I was able to make a site with a Japanese aesthetic. Also since it was for a martial arts dojo I was able to take on more of a playful design than you normally see in a business website.


For this site I did 98% of content, images, and layout. It also includes a custom, hand painted, logo.